Musical art, deeply intense and complex in its nature, is the most perfect form of artistic expression of intelligence and intuition. Music reproduces life in vividly built sound images, it reflects the dynamics of emotions. In the process of interpreting, each artist makes a special kind of transfer of concentrated spiritual energy. In the process of recreation of the musical concept, there is always an element of provocation, of pursuit of creativity, of spontaneity of intuitive perception. In the live performance of any piece, music is born again and again, it excites with its exceptional immediacy and the vastness of its spiritual nature, with its ability to reflect to the highest level the whole wealth of emotional and psychological states, in many cases reaching to construction of philosophical and aesthetic concepts.
In my individual path of an interpreter, the contact with music gives me a sense of freedom and elevation of spirit, it brings in me an irresistible longing for perfection, it inspires and cleanses me, illuminating me with its universal love and harmony. Music is a vocation, commitment, life and spiritual path associated with the insistent desire to achieve the sophistication that a true artist is constantly looking for while trying to open up new horizons and to outline new roads.

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